• Tech Roger

    Thank you thank you thank you

    forgot router password

  • Mark Kerzner

    That is totally crazy! It is still this way, my new model was open to the public by default. How can it be?

  • matthew barrero

    I put admin and password and I was automatically logged in

    • Yvn XYB

      What do you mean mines Is not working

  • RKLGOGO123

    Wait how do you do this? Where do you start?

    • Yvn XYB

      exaxtly what I’m wondering like what username do I use or email and I tried just putting in the password and It literally won’t work💯

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  • Cheech Chong

    free Xfinity wifi logins here https://xfinitywifilogins.wordpress.com

    • Yvn XYB

      kan I use you’re free one please?

  • Heather Sue

    So what is the login and password