Polldaddy Votes Hack V2

This software is no longer maintained, ┬áthere isn’t going to any updates from me at least. I’ve released the source-code if anyone wants to work on it.

Source code: PolldaddyHack



Seeing as how people were having difficulties using the CLI Polldaddy Hack tool I decided to make a GUI that would make it faster to not only gather the correct Poll answers but to also submit votes faster.

Polldaddy Hack
Polldaddy Hack V2 2013

To use this new tool just download the file zip file and extract the contents. Follow the video below on how to use it.

Download Polldaddy Hack V2

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Polldaddy Votes Hack

[CLICK HERE UPDATED Polldaddy Hack Tool V2]

This post will show you a “proof-of-concept” on how to hack polldaddy polls for unlimited and automated votes


  • Polldaddy Poll URL (ex. http://polldaddy.com/poll/7300120)
  • Poll answer you want to use (ex. PDI_answer33136443)
  • Java installed in your system
  • This PolldaddyHack Java program

To obtain the Poll URL you must have a browser that has a DOM inspector OR that allows you to install firefug extension on it.

Assuming you have “FIREFOX” install firebug from this website

Once that is installed go to where the poll is (ex. bottom of this post).

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BlackBerry Engineer Screen (BBEscreen)

This applet will generate an expiration code for the hidden BlackBerry Engineer Screen (BBEscreen)

On your BlackBerry Hold ALT-SHIFT-H

Up should come a screen with information about your device(Help screen). The only info you need is:

Device PIN

App Version


Once you’ve gather this information insert it into the applet.

Depending on how many days you want to have the BBEscreen activated you then choose the appropriate code

Afterwards you need to go back to your BlackBerry and enter the code that you’ve chosen, you should now have the BBEscreen

Example input




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