Polldaddy Votes Hack V2

This software is no longer maintained, Β there isn’t going to any updates from me at least. I’ve released the source-code if anyone wants to work on it.

Source code: PolldaddyHack



Seeing as how people were having difficulties using the CLI Polldaddy Hack tool I decided to make a GUI that would make it faster to not only gather the correct Poll answers but to also submit votes faster.

Polldaddy Hack
Polldaddy Hack V2 2013

To use this new tool just download the file zip file and extract the contents. Follow the video below on how to use it.

Download Polldaddy Hack V2



  • guigotm

    Thank you so much, it works!!

  • Altijdvoordelig.be

    hi, it works great ! But do you also have a way of finding out the voting results when the creator set the results to hidden ? Is there any way to find out how you are doing in the poll?

    • never really explored that option, result numbers aren’t rendered on client side so I don’t think there is a way(though it’s interesting, I’ll look into it)

  • Guest

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  • Rob

    Is a proxie list required? Because I can not get it to work it freezes up

    • Proxy list is not required, the freezing up is good it means it’s working it will unfreeze when it’s finished submitting all the votes you’ve entered.

      • Rob

        Thanks I understand that it is sending the votes but I am not seeing results, is is possible that something else could be wrong? this is a simple poll no captcha or ip logging.

        • rrdrigo

          I’m having the same problem

  • rrdrigo

    I did exactly the same and did not work for me. Why is it?

    • Keep in mind that success will depend on how the poll is setup, if the poll is setup to only allow 1 vote per IP then you should use the proxies to submit more votes.Or mask your IP πŸ™‚

      • rrdrigo

        Ok, I’ll try that. Thanks for the quick reply πŸ™‚

      • rrdrigo

        I used a proxy list and it worked perfectly. Thank you Francisco.

      • Zambous

        How do I mask my IP?

  • CaptainDavid

    Where can i get proxies? I have to win this poll…

      • CaptainDavid

        Well i see the list of available proxies, but how do i import them with the proxies button, it seems like its looking for a file?

        • CaptainDavid

          so i guess my question is, do i need to save a proxy as a file? and how?

          • File must have 1 ip with it’s corresponding port per line, example.


          • CaptainDavid

            Okay, once i have the IP and port number, how do i save it as a file that your application will read?

          • CaptainDavid


          • yes

  • CaptainDavid

    This isnt even working for my own poll i created that doesnt block IP’s πŸ™

  • CaptainDavid

    Okay, i have it working only for a poll with no IP restriction. And i tried using multiple different proxy lists and it will not work. HELPPPP what am i missing! gahhh

    • If it doesn’t have an IP restriction then you don’t need a proxy list

      • CaptainDavid

        I know, but i cant get it to work for a poll WITH IP restriction.

        • CaptainDavid


          here is a link to my poll WITH IP restriction.

          • I just added some votes to the last answer, your success will depend on how good of proxies you have.

          • CaptainDavid

            Okay, then its my proxies that are the problem. The hard part is i need about 2400 good proxies hahaha

          • ouch, without paying for good/reliable proxies I don’t see how it’s possible. These are really good proxies but cost money http://squidproxies.com/

          • CaptainDavid

            oh no…. so i need $1200 to accomplish this. πŸ™ haha

  • Ju

    It worked, but it was just 6 votes when I selected 50 votes with a list of 50 proxies… why is that?

    • Ju

      v1 it’s better or easier? Has it a limit of votes? HELP

      • v1 is not easier as it requires you to gather all the info beforehand, though it will be the best option if you want to run multiple instances of the program and submit more votes at once. Will recommend splitting the proxy list (ex. into 4 then run 4 v1 with that proxy piece)

        • Ju

          Ok, thanks. But often the program turns to black and just after some hours it backs to normal, the program is still running when it happens?

          • It means it’s working, though if you aren’t seeing any output such as “SUCCESS” it means that the proxy you are using is taking too long to resolve.

    • It really depends on the proxy, since you probably used free-proxies they aren’t that reliable and will probably fail (Has happened to me to).

  • Ju

    Do you have some tips for it works better or faster? (ex. with a bigger proxy list, it has more chances of “ok votes” or it doesn’t matter? Is it better to vote in pieces like 25 votes and after more 25 or 50 directly?) ps.: forgive my english, it’s not my official language…

    • use V1, split proxies into multiple parts (say 10) and run 10 instances of v1 with a proxy piece.

      • Ju

        I can’t :c

  • Guest

    Do I have to renew my proxy list? Every hour, day… week?

    • Not sure what you mean by “renew”

      • Guest

        Do the proxies “expire”, “stop working” after certain time? So I have to get a new list of recent proxies…?

        • That really depends on each proxy, there is no way of finding out.

  • Gogo

    Does it clear cookies and revote as many times as you like? My poll is not IP based but needs cookies to be cleared to count individual votes.

    • On an early version I did clear-out cookies on this one I don’t remember, will check later.

      • Gogo

        Can you provide the earlier version link please?

  • Ju

    What’s the difference between a proxy of protocol HTTP with a proxy of protocol HTTPS or with socks4/5?

    • HTTP proxies are the more commonly used as
      they offer greater performance as hosted-servers can better cache
      requests/data though the trade-off is that HTTP proxies may leak your
      info they aren’t completely anonymous as they might broadcast your IP. SOCKS proxies offer better anonymity but lack the greater performance. As for SOCKS version – 5 offers better security and UDP support.

      • Ju

        And which is better for voting?

    • admin

      HTTP proxies are the more commonly used as they offer greater performance as hosted-servers can better cache requests/data though the trade-off is that HTTP proxies may leak your info they aren’t completely anonymous as they might broadcast your IP. SOCKS proxies offer better anonymity but lack the greater performance. As for SOCKS version – 5 offers better security and UDP support.

  • Hi

    I need an immediate answer, are you there?

    • I’m here πŸ™‚

      • Hi

        Forget it, I just want to thank you so much!

  • Eh

    It actually works so very slow…

    • If you use a proxy list, then yes it’s slow (this is due to how slow proxies are compared to normal connection). If you mean without proxies then keep in mind that there is a delay between each vote in order to prevent polldaddy servers to block us for attempting too many times.

  • jade

    the polldaddyhackv2 zipfile contains too many archives and folders but i cannot locate the jar file as shown in video…please help

    • jade

      sorry, i got it, my mistake, thank you!

      • Me

        how did you resolve that?

  • Zambous

    Jar file not running on Windows 7. Is there any known issue?

  • Jonathan Diamante

    Why in my computer is not working???

    • Can you send a screen shot.

      • Ellie

        same here..i can open it, but when i enter the site for polling, it won’t..

        • which site are you using.

          • Ellie

            it’s a poll on a blogspot..i downloaded your application but when i scan the polling site, it won’t show up..don’t know why..

          • you need the url that sits in polldaddy.com, lets say for example there is a poll on dynobin.com, entering dynobin.com won’t scan the poll you need to find out what url does your poll have.

          • MortenA

            How do I find the url that sits in polldaddy,com for a specific poll?

  • Me

    Please help. I did everything just to make it but the Polldaddy bar doesn’t exist everytime I click on it.

  • DB5K

    The program just froze up even if I haven’t set my votes yet. What should I do?

  • Guest

    i downloaded it but i dont know how to install it, lol help!!!

    • All you need is to have java installed in your system, just run the jar file and it should work

  • Ju

    How can I hack this poll http://www.habbid.com.br/enquetes/?enquete=148 to get votes for DuasCerejas? It is easy because the other two are newbies and are getting like 700 votes in 1 day. Help me, please.

    • It’s feasible, but why? doesn’t look very popular

      • Ju

        Because I want to help my friend.

        • cefalopod

          If the options are not randomized (they don’t move), you could always use a program that records your mouse movements and loop it. I know there are some free ones around.

      • Mostwanted Kanvict

        francisco can u help me out if i give u the link?.. its very urgent.. i would really appreciate if u help me out.

  • jelo villarba

    not working on my computer. -.- please help

  • Daniel

    It seems to work, but my pool has more than 12 answers. It is not scrolling down to the other options.
    Is that a bug?

    • Thanks for pointing that out, didn’t test with a large poll, will fix it.

      • Daniel

        Thanks, can you tell us when it is done?

  • David GaΕΎo

    Can I use this without proxy list and if not how to make one?

    • It does NOT require a proxy, the proxy option is just there in case the poll your are using is IP restricted to 1 vote / IP

      • John Walker

        How can we use proxies in such polls then?

  • John

    Uhh, when I open the .jar, this shows up

    • cefalopod

      You aren’t supposed to open the .jar, you’re supposed to run it using Java. It should open up a window like it did in the video.

  • why_dou

    What does proxy do?

  • Lalit

    nt working for me not updates vote on this link http://polldaddy.com/poll/7754241/

  • swindsorsaltman

    so I hit “vote” after selecting the item, but the vote totals have not changed. Please help.

  • Srishti Hunjan

    No scroll available if poll has more than 11 options. Please try and fix that asap!

  • Johnny Test

    Any way to write it’s progress out to a log file somewhere so we can see what’s happening?

  • Jonesy

    How long is the delay between votes? Every 30 seconds or so? Is there a way to adjust it? Just I’d like to make 1000 votes but over say a day so there isn’t a huge increase all the sudden.

  • Erik

    What version of Java is required here? It keeps telling me “Error: Could not find or load main class PolldaddyHackV2.jar” I have JRE 1,7 installed

  • MortenA

    How do I find a poll on polldaddy.com?

  • Norm Lee-Photo

    hoping for update to support more poll answers. larger windows or scrolling.

  • moyellow36

    hello i can not open it with winzard please help me i donnot understand every i work with tor browers to get each tme annother identy

  • Jimmy Jhonson

    Works really awesome. Thanks πŸ™‚

  • joel
  • Luxeon

    Hi.. I have a problem. I download the file and open it. The problem start when i paste the link, chose the answer and click on the button vote. Then I go to the page with poll and restart it, and nothing.. Please help me!

  • fet888

    Its working for me.. but is it possible to count my vote faster ??? like if I vote 50x it took 10mins to finished.. it is unlimited voting so proxy ain’t needed right ??? Please help…

    • Luxeon

      Hi.. can you help me please. Why my vote doesn’t appear? And what is the max number for vote?

  • i need the jar data ?

  • Tfkalk

    Is there a way this could be used for Wufoo? Or could something be changed to allow it to work with Wufoo?

  • vv

    http://poll.pollcode.com/65569364/ This is the pool but not working. After pressing the scan buton not apear the vote selection .

  • iiHdfgtIQ

    There is a problem ! because we can’t have more than 11 answers…because i put i link and this link have more than 11 answers and i can’t choose the good one…

  • Interesting….Is there a limit of votes? I mean…Can I give to my answer 1.000 every minute, for example? Thanks

  • Roy van Melfoort

    It doesnt work on this website, can you plz help me:


    I really need to win so can you plz help?

    Grtz Roy

  • Guest

    Is there an updated version that supports larger polls? If you could reply soon that would be greatly appreciated!

  • Kory Lazar

    I am trying to put votes to a certain poll, I run it and the votes do not show up in the results. Why is it not working. The poll is http://polldaddy.com/poll/8134931


    i downloaded it but i cant get the right url to put pls help


    please help it doesnt show up


    please francisco can you please help about proxies i dont know waht is it and where i can get it

  • robert

    please help mr francisco its stop so i tried and tried but cant get through i put bunch of numbers and try it aver and over again now it stop and just got 1 points every hour please tell me what to do ,thank u…

  • Sigh

    Polldaddy hack V2 is not working anymore.

    • Right

      Yeah you’re right don’t work anymore…We want new version now :/

  • robert

    pls tell me why it sudden stop?????

  • Ann

    Update it because it’s not working anymore.

  • shaglock

    Will there be next version? I need to hack, I have no time. 27th of july is the end of vote and today is 23th

  • Alina

    Are you there ?

  • Alina

    hello ???

  • BZ

    If cheating got you this far, how can anyone respect your win?

  • AAAA

    Please, we need a new version.

  • thxu4urwork

    “Next release to be published on Aug 23 by the end of day – Sorry for the long delay”
    is this v3? Aug 23, 2014?
    If so, thank you, been waiting.
    Thank you for all the work you put into this educational computing projects I’ve learned a lot from you.

    • thxu4urwork

      as of August 2014 poll answers are randomly placed in order after one votes.

  • Daniel Sitnik

    How do you beat a poll protected by captcha?

  • YES

    Next release, yes! Thank you!

  • Hmm

    It’s already 24th…

  • …..

    please update it’s 24

  • minnie

    If the captcha is a problem, not all polls have them

  • Sigh

    “August 23rd”… it’s 25th.

  • Mick Pauly

    Y no update?

    • Ay

      Because the OP lied to us?

  • jjjjj

    you mean august 23 2015? because the one in 2014 passed

  • epeo

    there were polls that hack v2 couldn’t go through

    it wasn’t working on every polldaddy poll but most, hope it got fixed

  • wha

    come on! 7 days late?

  • Heh

    It’s September.

  • wth

    come on dude

  • Hmmm

    You’re a little bit too much… almost a month.

  • Smithrh5

    I running several instances of your hack for the survey by polldaddy at http://sportzedge.com/2014/09/18/coolest-ncaa-logos-tournament-3-vcu-vs-10-mcneese-state/ and voting for VCU (yes, I highlighted VCU among my choices and entered votes before hitting “vote”) but it does not seem to be affecting the vote count even though I am getting “success” responses. Could they be blocking my vote while letting me assume that the hack works?

  • Biscu

    is not working anymore.

  • meh

    aah, you lied

  • Blaze

    Great product, but my poll has 15 options to choose from, and the program only shows 11. How can i get it to increase to see all the results. Of course the option i want is number 15.

  • anna

    Hi there , I downloaded poll hack v2 and it downloaded as a java so I converted it to a zip. it extracted a folder but I cant get anything similar to your video to open from that folder, any advice???

  • secret agent

    is there a new version now? i badly need it today

  • secret agent

    hello sir

  • ———

    so will there be a new version of this or not?

  • disqus_isDWWAFDRI

    Please at least tell us if we’re supposed to wait for V3 or if you’ve given up on this and not going to update this at all.

  • Hola Francisco, como es que debemos agregar los proxies.. como un txt o como ? aun funciona la aplicacion? si no, tienes una en venta que funcione =) saludos!

  • ——-

    so you’re not going to post version 3 at all?

  • daniel

    Is the code open source?

  • please

    please update

  • jane

    where are you?

  • Kemy

    It’s been pretty much half a year since you promised us a new version.

  • Antonio
  • justonevoteleft

    Can you provide an email adress to contact you? I’d like your opinion on a script I tried to make in order to pwn polldaddy surveys. If you read this and have 5 minutes please email me : justonevoteleft@google’s_email_service.com

  • 09090

    you posted a message that you’ll come back soon but now the message is gone and there’s no update

    did you abandon it completely?

  • ……..

    you said you’ll update it soon

  • solomon911

    PERFECTLY working for me!!!!!! THANKS A LOT MAAAAANN!!!
    and please tell instructions on how to use proxy. thanks!!!!!

  • I’ve added the source code for this on github. https://github.com/flopex/PolldaddyHack

  • siiiiiigh

    why aren’t you updating to another version? this one is not working

  • gah

    please just tell us whether you’re going to update it to a new version or you gave up

    do we still have to wait or not anymore?

    • Francisco Lopez

      Not updating anymore, sorry.

  • haha

    ah, so you broke the promise because i remember you saying you promise you’re going to update it lol

  • Allie

    So in other words you failed because you’re not good enough to “fix” it.

  • G Man

    I went to this website —–> https://github.com/flopex/PolldaddyHack but I don’t understand how to apply the new code. Can you point me in the right direction?

  • lesliekelley

    How i use it with https://microleaves.com?